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Authorization by an "Authorized MLS Officer/Staff Member" to Prepare Monthly Local Area Market Report
Using data provided by my MLS, Terradatum, at no cost to my MLS, will prepare a Local Area Market Report for my MLS Market showing median home prices and number of homes sold information. View a sample report

Any MLS  may use the report as a press release to share with its local media each month.

A link to the report may be included on and brokers, agents and other entities may include a link to the report on their websites, blogs, facebook, enewsletters, twitter, etc.

A current list of MLSs who have authorized the preparation of the monthly report are listed on in the section entitled "What's Happening in Local Real Estate Markets”.  The website displays MLS Public Websites by MLSs that represent approximately 700,000 agents.

Please fill out the form below to authorize Terradatum to prepare montly local area market report at no cost. Mark Spraetz, President of Terradatum, may be reached at or 888.212.4793 ext 5 if I have any questions.Only an authorized officer/staff member of the MLS may authorize this report.
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By clicking "I Authorize" button below above named individual authorizes Terradatum to prepare the report for their MLS so the report may be used for the purposes described above.

Sample list of MLSs who have authorized preparation of the monthly Local Area Market Report:

AZ - Tucson
CA - Inland Empire
CA - Los Angeles
CA - Southern California
CA - Northern Bay Region
CA - Pleasanton & Alameda County
CA - Silicon Valley & Central Coast
CA - Victor Valley
CO - Denver
CT - Connecticut
DC - Washington, DC & Baltimore
FL - Fort Lauderdale
FL - Manatee
FL - Miami
FL - Northeast Florida
FL - Sarasota
FL - Tampa Bay
ID - Southern Idaho & Eastern Oregon
IL - Chicago
ME - Maine
MI - Michigan
NY - Long Island
OK - Tulsa
TX - Austin
TX - Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex
TX - Houston
TX - San Antonio